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The quest for a healthier cookie started it all. Craving something bursting with flavor while boasting a cleaner bill of health, Denise dedicated herself to creating a totally gourmet recipe from scratch. A heaping cup of courage and a dash of excitement fueled momentum through multiple rounds of testing and sharing experiments by the mouthful with everyone who would try a sample! Sourcing locally and globally to curate the highest quality all-natural ingredients, the experience, the process, and the product were all part of the journey. The defining moment came when she combined candid feedback with a measuring scale and her composition notebook. In a moment of creative whimsy when this new cookie needed a name, Togamay was born. It’s totally gourmet.

We source locally when we can and globally when we must.

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Featured on:

At The Table with Patrick Lencioni

Episode 55 Show Me the Meri‪t

(Listen in at the 15:05 mark.)


Mission Statement

Totally gourmet gifting says the value of our relationship is worth a hand-crafted investment. Togamay offers fresh ideas for expressing genuine appreciation.

We cultivate connections because relationship is everything!

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