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“In times of crisis, always look for the helpers. If you look for the helpers you’ll know there’s hope.” - Mr. Rogers

We all know frontline helpers who have sacrificed for us during this pandemic. As we round the corner on two of the most unbelievable years of our lifetime, these heroes continue serving. They do it because they believe in and are dedicated to their calling, regardless of recognition. Many of us struggle to adequately thank them for all the ways they have cared for, protected, and served our communities. 


Togamay invites you to join us in honoring these frontline helpers. We are on a mission to express appreciation to as many helpers as possible for their innumerable acts of kindness with a Frontline Favor™ gift box.


Beginning today, we are receiving orders for $10 Frontline Favor™ gift boxes. Each Friday in March, we will deliver freshly baked gift boxes to frontline helpers, starting with local hospital staff, EMS teams, firefighters, policemen, and teachers. From there we want to expand our circle of appreciation. We’d love to hear from you! Who else do you want to thank?


Here's how you can get involved!


$10 boxes that we will deliver to a frontline helper!


Order a Gift Pack of 10 Frontline Favors™ gift boxes. They ship directly to you so you can hand-deliver each one.


As a donating partner, you’re invited to join us for a Friday delivery or we can deliver them on your behalf. We will recognize you on our social media channels, as well as our website.

Available Quantities: 50, 100, or 200 boxes


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We don’t have any products to show right now.

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