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A Cookie is a Hug

Welcome to our virtual home, we’re thrilled that you’re here! If it’s your first time visiting, we’d like to show you around so start here. If you’re an old friend, welcome back! Take a peek around and come visit again every first and third Friday to see what we’re up to.

Our Origins

Our charming cookie journey began in 2012, when founder Denise Nowell had an idea that wouldn’t go away: a more healthy cookie that tasted great. We thought it was a stretch, but she got to work curating clean ingredients, ratios, and bake times and whipped up her first batch of perfect cookies. Alright, it may have taken more than one…or several tries but she did it! Thirteen months later, the Togamay was born.

But what is that name about? Every time we type it, the red squiggly line won’t budge.

♫ ♪ Togamay is our way to say it’s gourmet…totall-yy!♫ ♪

Yes, it’s completely, irrefutably, delightfully and totally gourmet. Denise pours her heart into sourcing the best ingredients and crafting each little drop of delectable goodness by hand. Her own hand! Now that’s true love.

The Cookies

We keep our selection small so we can intentionally focus on making each batch just right. If we’re doing this, we’re doing it exceptionally. This means we have our core group of delights and occasionally toss in seasonal favorites or experiment with new ideas.

  • Signature Togamay: This cookie has it all. Oats, pecans, chocolate morsels, raisins, coconut sugar…it’s fluffy, perfectly sweet, and always the right answer.

  • Irish Shortbread: A consistent best seller, this buttery delight is so simple at first bite, until suddenly your senses are flooded with warmth, contentment, and pure joy.

  • Sea Salt Caramel Pecans: The perfect solution for your sweet and savory craving. Toasted pecans tossed in hand made caramel, finished with coarse sea salt imported from generations-old salt flats along the edge of the Philippine Sea.

  • Maytime Truffle: Did someone ask for pure decadence? We couldn’t resist. Rich, dark chocolate melted smooth coconut cream yields a silken ganache that is chilled, then hand rolled and dusted in bittersweet cocoa from Belize. Local delivery only.

Services We Offer

It’s important to us that you know we are small but mighty. We love making personal gift boxes, and adore the thrill of a massive order. Here’s what we can do.

  • Corporate Gifting: Team members working remotely, staff returning to the office, vendors, clients and prospective customers all come to mind when considering those we wish to thank. We offer assortment options that include a personalized note with your logo. Drop shipping available from sea to shining sea or local Raleigh delivery.

  • Wedding Favors: We've crafted the perfect send-off for your guests with budget-friendly pricing. Leave them remembering your day of celebration with a smile, a wave, and a delightful gourmet treat. Several assortment options, personalized gift tag included. We’ll ship to your venue or deliver within the local Raleigh area.

  • Gifting: For you, your loved one, your work family, a sick friend, and anyone in-between, a gift box of our cookies is like a hug that brings a smile to everyone’s face. Assortments available.

That’s us in a pecan shell! Thank you for joining us on this journey – we can’t wait to deliver your first Togamay gift!

Call us: 919.307.9726

Be social with us: Facebook xoxo | Instagram xoxo

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