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Gourmet Favors

Totally gourmet favors says the value of our relationship is worth a hand-crafted investment. 


Brides and grooms in the throes of planning, give yourself a break! After one bite of our Signature Togamay or decadent Irish Shortbread, you'll be confident that this is the wedding favor from paradise. We've crafted the perfect send-off to your guests at affordable prices. Leave them to soak in their memorable day of celebration with a smile, a wave, and a delightful treat.

While each cookie is always hand-crafted and thoughtfully curated, we guarantee every other detail is as well. From the double faced satin ribbon to the 100% recycled boxes to the hand-cut, customizable cards, your guests will take note of the thought and care put into each and every box. 


 Ribbon Color

Curate every detail of your day, down to your favor's ribbon color. Choose between black, white, or ivory 1.5" double faced satin ribbon to perfectly complement the memorable treat nestled inside. 


Personalized Tag

A lovely way to say "Thank You" to every guest. Each 100% recycled box includes a hand-cut, heavy-weight, customizable card commemorating your special day. Totally memorable & delicious!

White Delivery Truck

Delivery to Venue

One less item to check off your list! After finalizing your order, you don't need to think twice about it. We happily deliver to your venue day-of, or offer premium shipping to arrive just in time. Happy Wedding Day!  

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Package Options

1. Trio Assortment: Togamay, Irish Shortbread, & Sea Salt Caramel Pecans

Gift Box of 2 pcs each + 1.5 oz pecans $15

(*20 box minimum*)

2. Duet Box: Togamay & Irish Shortbread

Gift Box of 4 pcs each $15

(*20 box minimum*)

3. Signature Togamay OR Irish Shortbread

Gift box of 4 pcs $10

(*20 box minimum*)

4. Sea Salt Caramel Pecans

Gift Box of 1.5 oz $13

(*20 box minimum*)

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